Sunday, July 3, 2011

The McLaughlin Family ~ Richmond Canal Walk ~ July 2011

This adorable family is part of mine so I may be bias but I think they are all extremely photogenic! We spent some time at the Canal Walk in Richmond, Va and though it was hot we had fun! Little Aiden was however not feeling it and quickly gave up on being in most of the family pictures. So we turned the session into more of a couple session and tried to snap some of Aiden when he was in a better mood.

One of the few shots we got while they watched the Canal boats come in!

I know its got a blurry hand in it, but he was being so cute 
waving to the leaving boat, saying "Bye Boat"

This was how Aiden felt about pictures that day! 
We thought it would be ironic to place the sign in front of him with the mood he was in :)

The Eutsey Family ~ Richmond Canal Walk ~ July 2011

This cute family has such a fun laid back personality that I was laughing the whole time! We went to the Canal Walk in Richmond, VA and even though it was hot we had a great time! Claire, the daughter, loves to be in front of the camera and loved showing off.  And Mike sure knew how to make some faces that show his moods!

Claire showing off her acrobatics!

Oh no Mike's sad haha!

This family made the Canal Walk the place to be to have fun! Can't wait to hear their reactions to some of the photos I didn't post here!